Thursday, 8 April 2010


Hopefully you've found me. I've left my previous blog - Farmyard Tales because I was having problems logging on and also life has moved on so far from those early days almost four years ago when my life did still involve a great deal of the farm.

Now life is about having different jobs, new responsibilities and new demands and pressures - all of which I'll blog about.

Right now I'm worrying about finishing up a review of an exhibition I visited a couple of weeks ago and it's long past its deadline.

I'm also worrying about whether my son's blood glucose levels are okay.

There's gardening that ought to be done, a new fence to be ordered, a new driveway to be planned, essays to be marked, classes for next term to be planned, courses for next academic year to be mapped out and emails to be replied to.

Yet here I am writing a blog.

My excuse is that I just read this great article called
and this is one of the tips - do something every day instead of a couple of times a week.
I really can't be bothered to go to the gym every day and to be honest the chances are I won't write this every day....but so what.

The weather is lovely, the birds are singing, insects buzzing and the grass is growing. Wonderful Spring weather. I should be outside in this doing that gardening or at the very least taking a walk through the woods. It'll have to wait - now the review is glaring at me.

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