Friday, 9 April 2010

Dizzy with exhaustion

Spring really has sprung around here – the bees are buzzing, trees and bushes are in bud and today I’ve not worn any socks. Spring is definitely here.
I finally put the review to bed – all done and duly submitted. I’m not sure it’ll go to press simply because the show opened three weeks ago and closes in a few days. I’ve written my review though and it’s one thing ticked off the list.
R’s blood glucose numbers are looking reasonable – not so many highs and only a couple of lows so we’re all feeling more positive about this whole Type 1 Diabetes thing. That is if you can ever feel ‘positive’ about it. How it alters your life is rather scary – he looks and acts just as he did before diagnosis. He’s a fit, healthy boy full of sparkly eyed curiosity and generally up to no good. How can I explain then to family and friends that actually he has a life-long and potentially life-threatening condition? One missed meal could result in a hospital stay. One mixed up soft drink – normal for diet – could result in him being sick, suffering stomach pains and generally feeling low for quite a while. Each thing that passes his lips has to be considered.
And unless a cure is found this will be his life.
All of this kind of puts into perspective all my usual moans and groans about not having enough time or money to do what I want, when I want.
Anyway, enough noodling about in my head. I have a bag to pack – P and I are off to Brighton for the weekend. Both sons are staying with my parents. Mobile ‘phones are all fully charged and the DVDs are all set up for a weekend of Grandparents and Boys fun. (Ha! I bet that won’t be how it feels to my parents by Sunday evening).
brightonI do have mixed feelings about leaving both boys right now but we’ll only be just over an hour’s drive away. The local children’s ward is on speed dial. We can all do this.
We must return to some sort of normality, otherwise I’ll lose the plot entirely.
Onwards and upwards! 
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