Friday, 17 December 2010

To sleep: perchance to dream

I'm getting rather used to this nighttime netherworld I've been living in for the past week. In fact tonight I went right round to 3am before I needed to get up - we've organised ourselves into a shift rota and I only get called upon if R goes really low or else it's my turn to check - tonight he hasn't gone *that* low so the 3am check it was! Of course he was a little low then - 3.9mmols, only just a hypo but at 3am you're not going to leave it untreated until 6am when everyone begins to get up. So made him wake and drink some Lucozade then set my timer and waited the prescribed 15 minutes. Retested and he was 4.2mmols - a rise, yes, but not enough for me to think I can go back to bed now. More Lucozade and a Rice Krispies Square just to be on the safe side - normally this would be really over-treating a hypo but right now not much makes a dent in R's hypos. I'm waiting now for the timer to go off again.
I didn't need the alarm at 3am - I woke with five minutes to spare and I'm alert enough now to write this, in fact so far all night I've only hovered around the most shallow of dozes rather than dipping down into the soft folds of deep sleep. I feel very alert now but come 6am I'll feel as if I need to sleep for a hundred years. So far this week the longest I've slept in one go has been about 3 hours, any more would be a decadent and possibly dangerous luxury. I remember reading somewhere that you can survive for a couple of months without food, anything between 2 and 10 days without water and apparently about 10 days without sleep will kill you but after only three or four sleepless nights you'll begin to hallucinate, suffer mood swings and generally be unpleasant to be around.

Just did another test - he's dropped to 3.7mmols - so much for the Lucozade and Rice Krispies Square....He's had a mini can of Coke and I'll test again in 15 minutes. If that doesn't work I'll give him a whole bottle of Lucozade or maybe a honey sandwich made with white bread and no butter. All of this must be rotting his teeth...but it's keeping him alive.

So.....sleep. Who needs it?

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